At this point in my life I am thrilled to know who I am.

I am strong. I am deeply loved. I am creative. I am patient and I am open. I am mindful and smart. I am happy to be in my skin. I am growing, flourishing and blooming.  

My roles include dedicated daughter, big sister, and loyal friend. I am the blessed mother to two of the most beautiful treasures in the world and wife to a man who makes me want to be the best “me” every day of my life.  I love my community and find so much peace in serving it.  I am a faithful believer in God and I carry this heavy cross he has given me with strong and graceful shoulders.

I love simple things too – cooking, sewing for my treasures, sunflowers, ballet, bright lipstick, and wearing dresses. Also, there isn’t a Gloria Estefan song I can’t sing by heart.

Through prayer and deep thought I found I was being called to put my words out into the world to support other terrorist attack survivors.  I didn’t choose to walk this path, but today I am.  Today, I am a fighter for my life and survivor of PTSD.

My name is Elena.