Floating Through My Wave

Last week I rode what I call my “PTSD wave”.  It starts with a stressful event or stress in general, followed by a sleepless night, then my anxiety sets in for a day or two, and I top all of that off with depression. It’s usually about 3-5 days long and the best way I can describe it is painful, a constant agitation under my skin, uncomfortable, and exhausting.  I have a hard time eating, focusing, breathing, and stopping the tears…so I just go with it.  Like a wave that comes and goes.

It might seem ironic then that this particular wave I rode out by floating.   

I had been reading about this therapy modality and its benefits for those suffering with PTSD for a few months and was so excited when my dad agreed to try it with me.  He has been so supportive of everything I do, even the most unconventional things I come up with so this was our chance to enjoy a long overdue father/daughter date and relax. We both agreed that our time in the float pods was wonderful!


I love that floating is called “effortless” therapy because so much of the therapy I do takes so much energy and leaves me feeling drained and tired. So this was a treat as far as therapy goes!

I have been using Epsom baths during my recovery because of the mental health benefits that the magnesium sulfate offers, but this experience was completely different. These pods are filled with 1000 pounds of Epsom salt and 180 gallons of water which creates a 30% salt solution that enables your body to float effortlessly while you releases toxins, lactic acid, and cortisone (our wonderful stress hormone).  What I loved most about this experience was the weightless feeling I had as I floated because I felt I was able to finally release the last bit of tension that I was enduring from my “wave” and I slept better than a baby that night. Answered prayers for sure!

If you experience chronic pain, stress, insomnia, muscle soreness or just want to try something new – I can’t recommend floating more! Visit True Rest Float Spa to find a location near you and tell them I sent you.