Strength to Strength

This has been a tragic week in our world and it's only Tuesday. I will make this a quick post about a new resource I have added to the PTSD Resource page and add a longer one later this week that details my feelings about the attack in Vegas. 

Strength to Strength is an organization that is very dear to me because they work to bring together victims of terrorism and their families from all over the world. Founded by Sarri Singer, a terrorist attack survivor herself and one of the strongest people I have ever met, this foundation has given me and countless others a way to connect with other people who understand the affects of terrorism.  I realize that what happened in Las Vegas was a mass shooting but for those of us who've experienced a terrorist attack it can still be a trigger. I was in touch with Sarri yesterday and other survivor friends from Boston who were checking in on me and I can't tell you how loved I felt knowing that these people clear across the country from me care.  Sometimes just knowing that they are there if I need them brings me peace and now that I have found them, I'll never let them go! They are my family! 

Of course trauma is different for everyone and some people will process it right away and for others it may take years. In any case, it's important to remember that trauma may lead to physical and mental challenges that are difficult to communicate, even to our loved ones. The most important thing you can do is to remind them that they aren't alone. Strength to Strength took me years too many painful years to find and having Sarri and the survivors I have connected with through the organization in my life has made a world of difference.